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The ShopDoc FBA Calculator calculates the fees for your FBA products. Completely free of charge, without registration and usable with any web-enabled device!
Get an overview of expenses and revenues for optimal cost control with our Amazon FBA Calculator.

Please give the calculator a few seconds to fully load!
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  • Total control of FBA costs
  • Amazon revenue and expenditure are accurately calculated
  • Flexible shipping cost calculation
  • Tax and customs costs are taken into account
  • Returns are included

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With our ShopDoc FBA calculator you can quickly and easily compute all FBA costs.
A flexible shipping cost calculation allows you to determine the exact FBA fees of your products. Tax and customs charges are directly accounted for, these can be individually adjusted to your products. In order to include returns and the associated costs, you can also enter a maximum reimbursement fee and a percentage value in our Amazon fee calculator. After entering the product data and all relevant numbers, you will immediately receive a detailed listing of your entire FBA costs.


Yes, you can use our calculator on every web-enabled device.

In the calculator you will see several blue question marks, that (on mouse-over) tell you what data you need to enter. On the right side of the website you will find an additional help text. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can contact us at

Please give the calculator a few seconds to fully load. If there still occur problems with it or if it does not work at all, please contact us and describe your problem. We will immediately look into it.

You can contact us at

Currently, this is not yet possible, but a PDF export feature is planned in the near future.

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